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See Red to Beat heart Disease!

For quite a few years now Bio Nutrition have had a product called Lycopene Complex. A great little capsule bestowing the power of the tomato and the benefits of the Mediterranean diet upon all who took her!

Well it appears that the scientists have finally realised we were onto something. At the beginning of June a group of British scientists released a new pill called ‘Ateronon’ at the national conference of the British Cardiovascular Society. Claiming that in tests these fantastic tomato based pills could ‘slash cholesterol levels in eight weeks’ and they were ‘much more effective than Statins’, currently taken by thousands of Britons.

Heart expert Dr Rob Hicks said the pill could ‘save lives on a global basis’!

Heart disease is the UK’s biggest killer, with almost 200,000 people dying a year from it and 275,000 suffering heart attacks.

What was in this little pill? Nothing more than 7mg of Lycopene. How much will they charge for this in a chemist? £35 for a months supply!

Lycopene Complex contains 10mg of Lycopene (42% more than Ateronon), together with vitamin E and Selenium, two other essential nutrients, in a easy to take vegetarian capsule.

Gaining all the heart benefits of the Mediterranean diet as well as improved eye health and for the men protection for the prostate.

Is this little wonder expensive? We don’t think so, all those great health benefits at only £11.95 for up to a months supply.

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  1. I have used this product for over six mntohs now and have better results than with just plain saw palmetto, which I had taken for years before. No prostate problems at all.

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