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Heeeeere’s Nobby!

Well I did warn you!

Finally the editing is over and the New Adventures of Nobby are here for all to see. The problem is we can’t decide which one is better, so we thought we’d ask you.

Let us know which one you prefer before we launch it properly. Just add a comment telling us which one of the following you prefer. They’re named slightly different to help make this easy. If you don’t like any of them, tell us what you’d do differently, but please remember they are just a bit of fun! :)

Nobby Needs Help

Nobby Needs Help Again

Nobby Still Needs Help

Get voting! You can also make suggestions for future Nobby Adventures!

3 comments to “Heeeeere’s Nobby!”

  1. I vote number 1

  2. Very funny, it reminds me of those anti smoking ads that used a cigarette to illustrate diminishing performance. Do you have anyone with a longer thumb!? Awe I feel bad now I’ve probably made the actor feel inadequate, sorry, I know size isn’t everything. My favourite is probably no 1.

    You could probably do a similar thing with shadow puppets.

  3. I like no 1’s use of ‘Sex Machine’ so without ‘our Grahams’ help, Cilla I choose number one! Blind date what a classic I bet Nobby would do well on that!

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