Detox & Anti-Ageing

We all get older - it is unavoidable. But why does age seem to sit better on some people than it does on others?

Free radicals are a major cause of ageing; the oxidative damage caused has an effect both internally and externally. Everyday we are bombarded by free radicals from chemicals, pollution (including the heavy metals we breath in), ultraviolet light and even the body's normal metabolic processes. However, these excess free radicals can be 'mopped up' by antioxidants, reducing oxidation and therefore reducing the signs of ageing and keeping the body cleansed.

Detox is a word that has been used a lot recently, as an anti-cellulite treatment, for celebrity buzz or as part of a high profile rehab process. But, as a process it's been happening within our bodies for thousands of years. Short for detoxification, detox means the removal of toxins from the body. We build these toxins up within us just from everyday living, breathing in pollution, smoking

(although I'm sure you don't, do you?), the food we eat and drinking alcohol. Many of the products in this section help to remove these impurities from the body.

Anti-ageing involves the slowing down of the ageing process, and nutrition (despite what the adverts say) is one of the major contributors to anti-ageing. Working on the basis that beauty comes from within, providing your body with the correct nutrients such as selenium, vitamin A (retinol), vitamin C and Co Enzyme Q10 can have an amazing effect on making you look more youthful, by rehydrating, repairing damaged tissue and removing free radicals, which all help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Items: 112 of 28