FAQ / Useful Info

Here's a number of our most Frequently Asked Questions... and their answers, too. Just click on a question to see the answer.

Do I have to register to be able to buy from you? 

Not at all. Unlike a lot of sites, you don't have to register to be able to shop with us. But registration does have its benefits; you'll only have to enter your details once, your address and delivery details will be pre-filled for you as soon as you log in, and you'll also be able to keep track of orders and view your order history. Finally, you'll also be eligible for periodic special offers that won’t be available to non-registered customers.

How do I register as a new user? 

To register as a new user click on 'Register' in the ‘Log In / Register’ box to the right of the page. Then just enter your details in the fields provided on the registration form – which we’ve kept as short as possible, so it should only take a couple of minutes. Any field that is marked with an asterisk (*) needs to be filled in to complete the registration process.

When I’ve registered, how do I log in? 

When revisiting the site in the future enter your 'Username' and 'Password' in the ‘Log In / Register’ box to the right of the page and click the 'Log In' button.

Who do I contact if I'm having trouble logging in? 

You can contact customer services on 01323 891901 or email info@bionutrition.co.uk.

Can I view or change my account details? 

Once logged in you can view and change your account details by clicking on ‘Modify Profile’, in the ‘Your Basket’ box to the right of the page. Once there, you can change your billing address, shipping address, etc.

How can I change my password? 

You can change your password by going to ‘Modify Profile’. You’ll find your password at the bottom of the page; just enter your new password twice.

What happens if I forget my password? 

There’s no need to worry should you happen to forget your password. Just click on the 'Recover Password' link in the ‘Log In / Register’ box and simply enter the email address you used for registration, click submit and your account information will be sent to you.

If you can’t remember which email address you used to register, send an email to info@bionutrition.co.uk and we’ll send a temporary password to the email address we have on file. If the email address we have on file is no longer valid, you will have to set up a new account as we cannot change account details for you.

How do I find the product I'm looking for? 

There are two ways to search for a product. Firstly, you can narrow down your search by selecting the correct category, i.e. Women's Health, or your can use the search facility in the top left hand corner of the website, which will search the entire Bio Nutrition range, either for product, nutrient or ailment / condition.

How do I find out information about a product? 

When you have decided on a product you will see a short description with an image of the product, its price and a 'Add to Cart' button. Click on a product to view a complete description together with nutritional information and full ingredients listing.

I've placed an order but not received an email about it

Our website automatically sends out emails when you place your order (Order Confirmation) and when we ship your order (Order Complete). If you do not receive these emails, there are usually two main reasons:

  • 1. Because the emails are automatically generated, online email providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo often treat these emails as spam or junk, and so route them to those folders rather than to the Inbox. Please check your spam or junk folder to see if the email is there.
  • 2. The email address you've entered is incorrect. If your email address isn't entered exactly as it should be, then emails will not be delivered. We do not always receive a bounce message in these instances, so will not always know the emails have not got through. If you haven't received your email, please check that the email address on your account is 100% correct.
I've received an order confirmation, but not a shipping confirmation. Where's my order?

We are experiencing an issue where some customers do not receive the automated shipping confirmation emails that our website usually sends. We are working with our software vendors to establish why this should be and how it can be corrected.

If you have not received a shipping confirmation for your order, please sign into your account where you will be able to view the shipping status of your order.

What's all this "mg" stuff? 

All of our products are measured in either milligrams (mg) or micrograms (µg). In the same way that there are 1,000 grams in a kilogram, there are 1,000 milligrams in a gram, and 1,000 micrograms in a milligram. You may also see microgram abbreviated as "mcg", but it means the same thing.

So what about "iu's" then? 

Vitamins A, D and E are measured in weight but also in activity, and for these vitamins it's the activity measure that's the important one. International Units (iu's) are a way of standardising the activity level across the different forms of each vitamin that are available.

Why are there "cautions" on some products? 

As part of the UK's fight against the restrictive EU Food Supplements Directive, in an effort to stave off the introduction of ridiculously low Maximum Permitted Levels, industry leaders and the Food Standards Agency agreed that for certain vitamins and minerals warning notices would be voluntarily added to product labels. These warnings are intended to advise consumers that, in certain sensitive individuals, certain effects may be noticeable.

While agreeing with the need to fight the EU Food Supplements Directive - and so following industry's guidance and using the warnings on our products - Bio Nutrition would like to stress to our customers that the effects noted are seen in only a tiny percentage of people and some have only been seen in studies that have since been called into question by experts in the field.

Do you offer discounts for larger orders? 

We certainly do! If you spend over £50, you'll get 5% off the cost of your goods. And if you spend over £100, you'll get 10% off. These discounts will be applied automatically at the checkout - you don't even have to enter a special code.

What's your environmental position? 

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Please read our Green Policy for full details.

What privacy measures exist on this website? 

Please read our Privacy Statement for full details of the measures we take to protect you while you use our website.

How do you keep my data secure? 

The security of your data is as important to us as it is to you, which is why this website is protected by 256-bit encryption, which keeps every bit of your data - from your name and address to your payment card details and everywhere in-between - 100% safe from mis-use. You can examine the SSL Certificate for this website by clicking the padlock symbol in your browser.

Is there anything else I should know? 

All of the transactions carried out on this website are covered by our Terms & Conditions, and we would encourage you to read them.

I've got a question that I can't find the answer to. 

Please feel free to call us on 01323 891901 or email info@bionutrition.co.uk.