General Wellbeing

Family health is where Bio Nutrition really started from. A desire to provide wellbeing, vitality and general good health to all families is at the core of our company ethos.

Ideally we should be able to get all the nutrients we need from a well balanced healthy diet. But, the reality is that less than a third of people in the UK even reach NRV (RDA) levels from their diet. Be it our hectic lifestyles, over farming of the land, too many pre-prepared foods or just fussy eating, we are not getting the nutrition our bodies need.

This is where our selection of General Wellbeing supplements come in, designed specifically to pick up the nutritional shortfall from our food and promote healthy living.

The majority of the products in this section are one-a-day multivitamin and minerals supplements designed for specific purposes and to make us feel on top of the world, with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals available, together with other key nutrients just to finish things off.

So if it's an all round multivitamin you're looking for there are plenty to choose from here; 40 Plus is our best selling multi nutrient formula, Protection Plus, designed for those who naughtily skip the occasional meal, via the ever popular Cod Liver Oil, for maintaining joint health, regularity and general health.

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Items: 112 of 45