Sleep, Mood & Memory

These key three elements are very often overlooked when thinking about our overall health, but with today's increasingly busy lifestyles they are becoming more and more important.

Sleep is a vitally important part of everyday life. Insomnia and other sleep disorders have been closely linked to depression. A good nights sleep is essential in helping to maintain our good health, but believe it or not, our good health, including nutrition is essential for getting a good nights sleep. There are many popular natural insomnia cures that can help you achieve fantastic sleep, including our own Natural Sleep and 5-HTP Complex. Sleeplessness can leave us tired and irritable, which in turn can hinder our thought processes leading to stress and anxiety. Try to limit coffee intake and reduce other stimulants, which can stay in the body for up to 20 hours.

A relaxed and clear mind can have a very positive effect on our Mood, but today's hectic lifestyle can really cloud this relaxed state of mind. This very often leads to irritability, a lack of patience, lethargy, anxiety and stress. In severe cases it can also lead to depression.

Well fear not, for Bio Nutrition have products that can avoid you getting to this point, Omega-3 Fish Oils, and Choline & Inositol can all help keep your mood balanced and bring a happy skip and jump into your life.

Memory makes an important contribution to who we are, it's our memories and experiences that shape us into the person we become! As we age we do get a slight memory decline and the occasional short memory loss, but really this is normal. Unfortunately there does appear to be an increase in the instance of dementia in the UK. No one really knows why but there have been many theories which all seem to suggest the increase in processed and pre-packaged food in modern diets may not help. Paying attention to our nutrition has also been shown to have a positive effect and can easily help to reduce the risk factors associated with dementia and maintaining a healthy brain. These supplements include Ginkgo Biloba, Phosphatidyl Serine, and Lecithin.

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