Slim 'n' Trim

With more and more people in the western world heading towards obesity, weight loss plans are becoming more and more relevant. But, for the majority of us, we just need to lose those extra few pounds.

Shedding those extra pounds can have a really good effect on our overall health and produce a positive mental outlook. People who have embarked on a slimming plan report improvements in general fitness, reduction in their risk of heart disease and a reduction in the instance of type 2 diabetes.

Staying slim, trim and healthy isn't always easy; keep a low Body Mass Index (BMI), high protein this, low carb that, exercise regularly - all useful advice. But, sometimes diets are not enough - sometimes you need that little bit of extra help. This is where the Slim 'n' Trim collection of products can help, with a product to help every type of slimmer: Phase 2® to reduce carbohydrate intake, and chromium to balance out those blood sugar levels.

Along with any of the products in this section we would recommend to take a Multivitamin & Mineral of some sort to make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs at this time of calorie restriction.

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